I’m JUST a Stay-At-Home Mom

Before I get started, let me reinforce that in no way am I belittling or begrudging all the wonderful mother’s out there who chose to go back to work after having children.  I, myself, worked for the first year of Snyderman’s life and then supplemented our income by babysitting three times a week for another … Continue reading

I Guess We’ll Just Eat Worms

It’s a busy weekend for the Snyder clan with all the fun Halloween activities going on.  Halloween seems to have turned from a day full of candy and fun to a week full of excitement.  Yesterday we went to the gym where I teach aerobics to their Spooktacular Halloween Event.  Snyderman dressed up as Iron … Continue reading

Silly String is Not So Silly

I’m not much of a risk taker.  The one time I spent the night at a friends house and she and her sister decided we should go toilet papering I was terrified.  I tried so hard to run in to the yard we were papering to contribute.  Every time I came out from behind one … Continue reading

A Fire, Fireman And A Superhero

It’s 5AM Sunday morning and Princess A has been sick and up most of the night.  I finally fell asleep when I hear my visiting mother and husband discussing a fire outside our condo.  The clock was flashing 2AM and I jumped out of bed to see what was going on.  The cloud of smoke … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Snyderman!

Snyderman, Snyderman, the Amazing Snyderman! It’s hard to believe that five years ago today I was experiencing motherhood for the first time. The delivery was nothing like I planned and the little face that appeared before me was nothing like what I saw in my dreams. I had a detailed dream about a month before … Continue reading

In Remeberence of 9/11

  September 11, 2001 I wake up early to get ready for work.  My Dad and Stepmother are in New York on a business trip.  My Grandmother is living with us and needs her breakfast.  My Grandfather has been transferred from his nursing home to a hospital and I was planning on visiting him during … Continue reading